The Happy Huts
This is live, up to date availability, we do not have a cancellation list, any last minute availability will be posted to our Instagram/ Facebook stories so make sure to give us a follow. Please check you Junk mailbox for email confirmations. 

Dates are released 6 months in advance on the 1st of each month from 0800 online...

January 2022 : 1st of July 
February 2022 : 1st of August 
March 2022 : 1st of September
April 2022 : 1st of October
May 2022 : 1st of November
June 2022 : 1st of December
July 2022 : 1st of January
August 2022 : 1st of February 
September 2022 : 1st of March 
October 2022 : 1st of April
November 2022 : 1st of May
December 2022: 1st of June