The Happy Huts

HAPPY HUT MUG What is the Check in / Check out time?

Check in is from 0930am, you will receive a key code via email so you can access the hut whenever suits you. We do not have a check out time, just note the car park opening times on arrival.

What's provided in the huts? 

Check out your hut under the 'our huts' page, this will list everything your hut has included. 

Please note that we can no longer guarantee beach toys, we have tried our absolute best but too many get broken/go missing. In order to continue to be able to offer single day hire with no check out time we have had decided to not replace any more once they have gone. We strongly advise you bring your own to avoid disappointment. The beach cafe also sells a selection of buckets and spades. 

Which huts are dog friendly? 

Wells Beach is split into two halves, a dog friendly side and non dog side. Huts numbered 1-37 are strictly no dogs in the huts or on the beach/sea opposite these huts. Any huts to the other side of this numbers 38-205 are dog friendly. All of our huts EXCEPT Upper Deck - No, 02 and Beach Hut - No. 11 are dog friendly.

Where can I park?

Having a beach hut booked does not guarantee you a parking space. There is a pay and display car park on beach road, but it fills up very quickly in the summer months, usually by 09:30/10:00 it is full and you will be re-directed to the overspill carpark in Freeman Street, you can then either walk which takes about 40 minutes or take the Holkham bus there are also other additional car parks in Wells town and it is approx. 1 mile from here to the beach. For more information on parking please visit.

Beach address: Beach Road, Wells, Wells-Next-The-Sea NR23 1DR.

Beach Road Car Park opening times:

October - March - 0600 - 1800

April - September - 0600- 2100

The car park on beach road often doesn't allow vehicles larger than 2m high, it is best to call Pinewoods directly ahead to check. The car park is pay and display and accepts cards & contactless.

Which Huts have Hammocks?

Unless specified Hammocks hang from underneath the hut.

Upper Deck - No. 2

The Boat Shed - No. 38

The Cabin - No. 42

Poachers Hide - No. 87 - On a travel stand

Grumpys - No. 104 - On a travel stand

Ebb&Flo - No. 105

Nauti Hut - No. 114 - On a travel stand

Starboard - No. 115

Beach Hut - No. 121

Up&Up- No. 127

Happy Hut - No. 128

Salty Dog - No. 189 

White Elephant - No. 205

Which Huts have Stairgates?

An added safety feature perfect for small children and dogs! 

Upper Deck - No. 2

The Boat Shed - No. 38

Ebb&Flo - No. 105

Surf Shack - No. 107

The Nauti Hut - No. 114

Starboard - No. 115

Beach Hut - No. 121

The Happy Hut - No. 128

Which Huts have the least Steps?

Every few years owners have to have their huts raised to protect them from the sand build up, most huts have about 8-12 steps to get inside them however there are a few that are lower and more accessible. The are the following:

Beach Hut - No. 11 - 6 steps

The Bear Hut - No. 89 - 6 steps

Grumpys - No. 104 - 3 steps

Surf Shack - No. 107 - 2 steps

Lazy Days - No. 108 - 4 steps

Why is there a 6 person limit?

The huts are extremely close together so having any more than this simply isn't fair on neighbouring huts. This also includes inviting friends to join you at the hut/ on the beach in front. No more than 6 people (excluding children under 12) can be associated with one beach hut. We want everyone to enjoy their day on the beach and not have it ruined by large groups. 99% of the huts on wells beach are privately owned too, so the last thing we want as a company is to be upsetting other owners. Some of our huts have happy hut neighbours, so if you want to invite more people then we suggest you book two. A list of which huts have neighbours can be found below.

Which Huts have neighbours? 

Poachers Hide (87) & Bear Hut (89)

Grumpy's (104) & Ebb & Flo (105)

Surf Shack (107) & lazy Days (108)

Beach hut 113 & Nauti Hut (114) & Starboard (115)

Up&Up (127) & Happy Hut (128)

How long does it take to walk from the car park and toilets? 

The main set of toilets are located in the car park along with the beach cafe, in the summer months there is an additional set of toilets located in the pinewoods conveniently situated for huts numbered 104-205. We have listed the distance to the car park so it is accurate all year round. 

The huts that are the closest are the following which take approx 2-5 minute walk. It does depend on your walking speed so please use this a rough guideline.

Upper Deck - No. 2 (No dogs)

Beach Hut - No.11 (No dogs)

The Boat Shed - No. 38 

The Cabin - No. 42

Closely followed by the following which are approx 5-8 minute walk.

Poachers Hide - No. 87

The Bear Hut - No. 89

The next few are approx a 10 minute walk

Grumpys - No. 104

Ebb & Flo - No. 105

Surf Shack - No. 107

Lazy Days - No. 108

The following are about a 12 minutes walk  

Beach Hut - No. 113

Nauti Hut - No. 114

Starboard - No. 115

Beach Hut - No.121

Up & Up - No.127

The Happy Hut - No. 128

Our last two are the furthest away and we would say it takes about 15 minutes 

Salty dog - No. 189

The White Elephant - No. 205

What are the facilities at the beach?

There is no electricity, fridges or running water or toilets at the huts, there is a water container provided and water taps can be found in the car park, by the lifeguard hut by beach hut 41 and near beach hut 138. 

There are public toilets at the car park and in the summer months in the pinewoods. The Beach CafĂ© by the car park is open all year round and there is an ice cream van in the summer.

Each hut is provided with a single ring gas stove and canister, in the winter months the gas runs very slowly so we wouldn't advise using the stoves to cook on in the colder months, October-March.

When are dates released online?

Dates are released 6 months in advance on the 1st of each month from midnight online. The huts are closed from November 1st - March 1st, where we will be open for weekends. As of April 1st we will be open every day.

October 2022- Open online on the 1st of April 2022

March 2023 - Open online on the 1st of September 2022

April 2023 - Open online on the 1st of October 2022

May 2023 - Open online on the 1st of November 2022

June 2023 - Open online on the 1st of December 2023

July 2023 - Open online on the 1st of January 2023

August 2023 - Open online on the 1st of February 2023

September 2023 - Open online on the 1st of March 2023

October 2023 - Open online on the 1st of April 2023

When is low and high tide?

Wells tides can be quite extreme, at low tide the sea can be about a 15 to 30 minute walk from the huts however high tide never cuts you off. Occasionally on a super high tide it can come almost up to the steps on huts numbered1-10 but this is very rare! Tide times change daily, so if you're curious do check the link below before your visit..

Wells Tide Times | Tide Times

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